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Name:Mirror Mirror in my Hand
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۞ Once Upon a Time... in a land far far away you had once been safe and sound tucked away in your own bed, in your own cozy home, and in your own world. Things made sense, or at least you could handle what had been thrown at you in your own world. As you closed your eyes to rest your head nothing seemed odd, nothing could possibly prepare you for what was about to happen. As you dreamt all you could remember was the laughter of a woman. It ran down your spine to grip your heart and squeeze. When you had awoken, you could tell right away something was... off. Something had happened you couldn't explain and that was out of your control. It was not your bed, it was not your home.

You awaken and find yourself in a different world where you are greeted by a gently smiling old man. His first words are,

You are safe now. Welcome to the kingdom of Ever After.

Safe? Yes, fortunately for you, you have been saved by our gracious and kind ruler, Queen Rhapsody, from being kidnapped and turned into a slave for the vile and vicious Queen Kerra. You were brought here to this world, to the grand Kingdom Ever After. Do not fear, traveler, she cannot reach you. And until you can be returned home, there is much to do in the kingdom.

However, rumors are abound in the kingdom. There’s talk of war between the kingdoms and something else. There are dark creatures in the woods that may be much closer than you think.

Will you be able to gain your happily Ever After?

۞ Forever After is a fantasy, fairytale based multifandom role playing game.
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